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Billy, The Homeless Chess Master

March 3, 2015

William Collins has played chess with me for over twenty years. When the weather is warm, we meet at the stone chess tables in Harvard Square, shaded by the trees in front of Au Bon Pain. I’m pretty good, expert level. He’s way better. Billy has been homeless since 1997. It never occurred to me […]

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The Whistler

October 10, 2014

Musicality is not encoded in my genes, so it’s rare that I whistle. But not last night. Last night tortured melodies and twisted harmonies were pushed through my teeth quite enjoyably. For me, at least. My wife looked a tiny bit horrified. It got me to thinking about The Catcher in The Rye. I haven’t […]

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Unexpected Good News ? Always The Best!

October 8, 2014

When I wrote a blog on Monday, it was without hope of quick resolution. Surprisingly, the owners and management of Quality Wine & Spirits took to heart our plight and have worked with us aggressively this week to resolve the conflict. We no longer have any hard feelings toward Quality and ask that our customers […]

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Georgia Distribution: Clown Shoes Takes a Shot to The Chin

October 6, 2014

On September 8th  2014 we received this email from the head of the beer division for Quality Wine & Spirits, our Georgia wholesaler:  I am writing today with a bit of bad news. Quality is getting out of the beer business. As of Sept 30th of this year we will no longer sell beer. The […]

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Getting Served: The Death of Vampire Slayer and The Birth of Undead Party Crasher

October 31, 2013

The one time I had a dream of getting served it went this way: A Clown Shoes tasting is winding up at Wolfgang Puck’s Pizzeria and Cucina at the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit. I am chatting with some folks about Ozzie Guillen and his views on illegal immigration. From the shadows of a booth […]

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State of The Shoenion 10

November 5, 2012

Three years in with Clown Shoes and I still look around in wonderment Since the last update, beer has started shipping to Connecticut, Minnesota,and Alabama. Most recently we entered Wisconsin (a second order was loaded onto an eighteen wheeler last week, driving to The Badger State ). Each new market has exceeded expectations. California and […]

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State of The Shoenion Nine

July 14, 2012

Half way through, 2012 has been a strong year for Clown Shoes. Georgia came on board a few months ago. The Peach State has devoured several truckloads of beer. Connecticut picked up an initial order at the start of June, yet they are about to receive their fifth shipment. Philadelphia is establishing itself, through the […]

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Let My People Go

June 27, 2012

Let My People Go will be made in August. The beer was conceived as an English pale ale with cucumber added, but we decided to shelve the cucumber. Check out the label:

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