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Crunkle Sam tired of being a mere anamoly as a most refreshing summertime barleywine ale, targeted a German beer style and baastardized it.  He has us brew a traditional kolsch but made us add all natural mango flavor to it.

Clementine Witbier

A New Boston Tradition

Clementine is Clown Shoes Beer’s Belgian style White Ale. Light-bodied and crisp, this is a terrific White Ale with plenty of zest! Hazy in appearance and healthily carbonated, it utilizes Chambly yeast to energetically shape its wheat malt base. Incorporated in the brewing process is Clementine, sweet orange peel, a hint of Coriander, and Summit hops.

At a sly, easy-drinking 5.9%, Clementine is dynamic and flavorful enough to satisfy discerning craft beer palates, yet light enough to count among “sessionable” beers.

Poured high into a pint or traditional pilsner style glass, drinkers can sip away lazy summer afternoons. As for food pairings, it is the perfect compliment to a range of salads and seafoods or light cheeses such as Feta, Monterey and Gruyere.

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