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Pecan Pie Porter 2017

Available August 2017. The sun begins to set in Mongolia. Genghis Pecan leads a group of wild turkeys with blindfolded juggling skills as he maneuvers atop a barrel floating down a river. Why? Who knows, but he’s not smuggling hobbits. This year’s version of Pecan Pie Porter might be the most impressive yet, at 10.5% ABV and aged in 100% bourbon barrels.

Crasher in the Rye 2017

Ahh, what better smell is there than chupacabras, defeated, burning in a field of rye? Ummm perhaps the complex aromatics of Crasher in the Rye?  For 2017, we brewed the base beer, Undead Party Crasher, and replaced the smoked malt with rye malt to complement the roasted chocolate core of the brew.  Then we aged the beer in 100% rye barrels to create a new version of Crasher in the Rye.

Tony the Emperor of the Equator

Tony manages our brand in Texas.  When asked about the label for this beer, he humbly requested “Aw, just me with my white pick up .”  Okay but to jazz it up we put him in the armor of the Emperor, gave him a powerful skeptor, and launched his truck from the equator into space.  Whee! The beer? It’s Space Cake at 10.5% ABV plus Azacca hops added for an extra tropical burst.  Tony, we love you brother!

Zebra Jon

Available end  of June/ July 2017.  8% abv

Southeast Florida boasts Zebra Jon, who drives our sales with unique style.  Because he is the Pied Piper of Zebra Butterflies, we captured this image of him taking his black winged pals on a jaunt down the beach.  Brewed with Mango Guava and Mosaic Hops, this IPA pays homage to his majestic soul.

Hephaestus 2017

For a Few Unidragons More

Coffee The Good The Bad and The Unidragon

We brewed this special version of Blaecorn Unidragon using smoked malts sourced from our friends at Blacklands Malt in Texas, cold-brewed coffee from Blacksmith in Houston, and attitude sourced from the burning pit of a bad tempered spirit.  As you sit down to a glass, remember that there are two type of people:  those who drink unidragons (with coffee) and those whose ashes drift in the breeze.

Pecan Pie Porter 2016

Genghis Pecan begrudgingly entered a pie eating contest at our request and ended up truly enjoying himself, but he no longer fits into his armor.  For this year’s version of our Pecan Pie Porter, we tweaked the base recipe and added some honey malt for some additional sweetness along with the toasted pecans.  We raise a toast to Genghis Pecan, whose memory will live on as long as you are drinking this beer.

Ohio Unidragon 2016

William Taft refuses to be dead.  He’d rather roam the Ohio skies on a Unidragon.  Most of the time.  Here, Taft enjoys of view of the Queen City and contemplates, “Should I get a jalapano cheese bratwurst or  a very large bowl of chilli?…” This dark imperial stout boasts a 12.5% ABV to celebrate the changes in Ohio ABV regulations and is made with rye malt and hops from the Ohio Hop Growers Guild.

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