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Contact Us and FAQ

Contact us at information@clownshoesbeer.com for general questions.

Send us a request for a vendor listing at locateandevents@clownshoesbeer.com

Or look below for frequently asked questions!


Where Can I find Clown Shoes?

Please click the ‘Find’ tab for a list of some stores and bars we have sold to in the past and present. You will find a list of all of our current markets along with our distributor’s information. Due to certain laws we must sell our beer to a distributor who in turn sells it to a store or bar. Because of this model we do not always have an accurate list of exactly where you may find the beer. The distributor will be able to help you out with this.

Note: We are trying to get as many people as possible to try our beer, but we are quite a small operation so instead of recklessly overselling ourselves we have chosen to limit ourselves in some markets for now…

Can I buy direct from you?

Unfortunately due to legal reasons we cannot sell Clown Shoes direct to a customer.

Do you offer brewery tours?

The brewing facility we currently use, Mercury Brewing Co, offers tours every weekend between 1-5pm every hour on the hour. 

Can you send labels, coasters, bottle caps to me for my collection?

We purchase these things on a need basis and often do not order enough extra to fill these requests.

Do you have t-shirts or other merchandise available for sale?

Not yet, but these are in the plans. When we have them available we will set up an online store.

We’re hosting ____ brewfest and would love for you to participate, how can we contact you?

We love brewfests and get invited to hundreds of them throughout the world each year. We cannot always attend every festival but we try our best! We kindly ask that you give at least 2 months notice on events, as our calendar fills up very fast. Please send an email by clicking the link below for inquiries.

We’re a new account and we’d love to carry your beers! How?

Great! You can email by clicking the link below or contact one of our distributors directly.

We’d love to distribute your beer in our state, how do we go about this?

We always have our eyes on new markets, but go about our expansion very selectively—we don’t want to run out of beer in places we already service. We thoroughly research markets by calling stores and bars, talking with our friends, and ensuring that a distributor has the same values as we do before we agree to do business.

Can I have a job with you guys?

When we have jobs available we will post the info on our website and Facebook page.

Press Inquiries can be sent to Sean@ClownShoesBeer.com.

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