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Clown Shoes is Acquired by Harpoon?!

What the hell?  Really? Sellouts! They’re going to be “Harpoonized!”

Ok, everybody, please take a breath.

Yes, Clown Shoes has been acquired by Harpoon.  No, we are not going to lose our identity and no, we are not “selling out”.  Harpoon is an independent, employee owned craft brewery.  All Clown Shoes Employees are moving over to Harpoon.  All of us will become employee owners. For this partnership to work, everyone needs for us to continue to be Clown Shoes.  We will still produce innovative, high quality beers with signature graphic marketing.  We will, in fact, create small batch, state specific, and barrel aged beers at an accelerated rate in 2018.

In terms of being Harpoonized?  The flavor profiles of our beers, our branding, and our distribution strategies are different.  But, beyond that, those of us who work at Clown Shoes are Harpoon at heart in so many ways.  Most of us grew up in Massachusetts.  We are all homeowners here, spreading from Beverly, Lowell, Cambridge, Somerville, Ashland, and Plymouth to Northampton.  We root for the same sports teams, shovel snow from the same storms, walk the same beaches during the few decent days of summer, and we drive again and again over the same streets, bridges and highways.  Most importantly, at Harpoon and at Clown Shoes, we are workers and we are fighters.  We work crazy hours. We fight with all of our energy and creativity for the brand, for the craft beer industry as a whole, and to make beer that we and our customers love.

I and the Clown Shoes Team are genuinely honored and excited to get down to business with our new coworkers. Our strengths complement each other.

Harpoonized? Sure, if we get to be part of an independent, employee owned company, sign us up! But we are still going to be Clown Shoes and Harpoon is still going to be Harpoon.  Now we get to have fun playing in the same sandbox for years to come.

Lastly, to all of the Clown Shoes supporters, we love you for helping us reach this important moment in our growth and in our history. Please stay tuned!

With Warm Regards,

Gregg Berman

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