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Contract Brewing Night at jm Curly

One week ago my sales rep, Chas Boynton, took me to visit a new bar downtown that has been showing us love: jm Curley.

Last night Jeremy Cowan and I held a discussion of contract brewing at jm Curley.

My thought was that there was not going to be a real talk, because during the first visit I saw the main space only, which is clean and well appointed, but relatively small. jm would be packed, I figured, and most people wouldn’t care about a discussion on contract brewing. Schmoozing, sure, but public speaking?

Every event is different. Usually I get the unexpected. So I should have expected…

The surprise of a private room packed with hard core beer enthusiasts and professionals…

Jeremey Cowan, dancing around like a prize fighter before a bout, bringing the A game, comedic talent, and sixteen years of experience contract brewing his brand, Shmaltz…

That I would be standing front and center, impaired and unprepared, for two and a half hours of contract brewing analysis.

Well, I am Clown Shoes. Yessir, I am.

We covered a wide range of topics, including our personal histories, the economics of contract brewing, marketing strategy, facing competition, building industry relations, recipe formulation, and the future of artisanal beer.

Kevin, the bar manager, did a fantastic job of organizing the event. Thank you Kevin!

Patrick, of jm Curley, couldn’t have been a better guy. He showed genuine concern for us and for his customers throughout the night. Thank you Patrick!

I also got the chance to meet one of our long time supporters and a long time facebook friend: Craig Caplan. Craig, I bow before you. Your awesomeness demands it.

One last highlight, perhaps the best of the night for me, was seeing our boy, Miracle Mike, arriving in costume for the first time.


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