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How Does it Feel?

It’s one thing to know change is coming, but it’s usually difficult to know how that change will feel.

Ten days ago, The Mass Bay Brewing Company (the parent of Harpoon, UFO, and now Clown Shoes) acquired the brand I spent so much of my career building.  Finalizing the transaction was an epic, six month long rollercoaster ride.

Now, I’m an employee.  But I’m also an employee owner and I am still the General Manager of Clown Shoes.  It feels (to wax poetic briefly)…

like I sprinted an entire marathon, then immediately put myself behind the wheel of a race car that I’m driving on an unfamiliar track at night. Fortunately, I have a powerful flashlight, the engine has only revved to half speed, and dawn is a few hours away.  Then, the instruction manual will be visible and it most certainly will be illuminating.

What it does not feel like is that I am alone, unsupported, or insignificant.

The people that work at MBBC, every single one that I have met, are dedicated, knowledgeable, energetic, and driven to succeed.  They are all also extremely passionate about beer! It feels empowering to be around such a group and it furthers the desire in me, that burns bright, to add value to the community.

Here are few more of my feelings: a bit tired, sure, yet energized, gratified, engaged, and full of the belief that this move was a good decision for my team, and for the Clown Shoes Brand.

How do the rest of the Clown Shoes team feel?  Here are a few quotes from an informal text exchange, following our first company meeting:

“Not to be cheesy but I think we will fit in well at MBBC”

“Just home, stayed late to socialize. I have to say, I am really impressed with the company and community there”

“Ditto on the work community, very cool people.”

“Honestly, ditto on everything about internal community. Really comfortable with them already, happy to be a part of the company.”

Having brought the whole team with me (we chose MBBC together) it feels absolutely amazing to see my coworkers so positive, even after what has been a strange, slightly jolting, and super busy ten days for all of them.

Lastly, but not least importantly, they expressed one other feeling to me yesterday:

“First beer buy was a success!”

What beer buy?  The one that allowed everyone to load their cars with beer bought through the generous beer buy program offered to employee owners by MBBC.  Cool stuff.

Thank you to all of you that are helping us feel so welcome!


Gregg Berman

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