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Interview With The Beer Nut: Norman Miller

I flimflammed Norman Miller this week, and got HIM to write my guest blog by sending him interview questions.  Thank you, Norman!

What was the first craft beer you remember enjoying? I can’t remember the exact beer that I remembered liking, but I remember the first beer that made me want to try new beers, Stone Coast’s Drunken Monkey Barleywine, which was at their Laconia brewpub.

Name two things that make you sad? Beer-wise, people who refuse to try new beers because “I don’t like weird beer.” Non beer-wise, I still get sad about my grandmother dying last year.

The Beer Nut, Norman Miller

Name two things that make you angry? Rude people and know it alls. A lot of times those things go hand-in-hand. I hate when people think, because they know more about something than someone else, they are better than that person, or they look down at those persons. This applies to beer geeks who talk down to those who don’t know a lot about beer. Instead of being a jerk, try to help them if they seem interested, and let them drink what they want if they don’t.

Name two things that make you gleeful? I’ll stick to beer with this one. The first is trying one of my old favorites beers. I may go months without

drinking a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, but when I take that first sip, it’s like heaven. Second, discovering a new great beer or brewery. Love seeing a new brewery succeed and do well.

You get to be CEO of a brewery for one week. Which would you pick? Why? What would you change? If I could be the CEO of any brewery, I would pick Russian River. I’d love to be around all of those people who created some of the most incredible sour beers in the world, along with fantastic, beautifully hoppy beers. The only thing I would change is to include heavy distribution to Massachusetts, or at least me.

Say something, just to be controversial? Mountain Dew is the best soda — all of you Coke and Pepsi fans can kiss my tush. Also, I don’t hate Anheuser-Busch or any other brewery as a business, just their beers.

Where do you see craft beer going in the next five years? I think craft beer will continue to grow. I think it’ll start getting more respect in run-of-the-mill restaurants when they realize how much a boon craft beer can be, financially. I also think you’ll see more hybrid styles — right now beers are being “blackified” with black IPAs and black barleywines, but I think brewers will find more and more things to do to keep things interesting.

Tell us a funny a story. Every year, I try to take a beer trip for my birthday – usually something quick and easy, an overnight trip. A couple of years ago, I went to Western, Mass. with a couple of friends. I don’t get drunk often, but my friends and I were using public transportation, so all bets were off. I planned on using some photos and videos from the trip for a blog, but lets just say they were unusable. Most of my videos were in bathrooms, and featured people humping each other. Oh, and I was a menace for glassware and I was shocked that I did not have to get stitches from the glasses I broke at various locations.

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