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Josh The Revelator

Josh The Revelator double IPA was designed for our friends in TX, and for Josh Baggett, the top sales rep for Clown Shoes in the state.  West coast in style, dry hopped with Mosaic, Galaxy, and Ella hops, Josh clocks in at 10.2% ABV.  This hoppy beast will be available only in TX.  Many folks have expressed disappointment when certain beers are not available in their market.  For this we apologize.  The single state only beer program came about by accident.  We were unable to send Blaecorn Unidragon to Ohio, due to the local ABV limit placed on beer.  Ohio Unidragon was created as a lower ABV version, allowing us to ship a modified rendition of one our favorite beers to one of our favorite states.  The reaction, unexpectedly, was terrific.  Since that first brew we have worked with a number of markets to make beers specific to their states.  We enjoy the spirit of collaboration and the opportunity to experiment, even if designing the beers and the labels has created extra work. It’s been worth it! The willingness and ability of our wholesalers to spend time with us on these projects has been key to where the beers have gone.  Expect to see a few more state specific beers this year and many more in 2016.

We put together the video below, with our Director of Operations Matt Smith and his long time friend A.J. Butler both playing guitar, because the name Josh the Revelator is a riff on the blues standard, John the Revelator.  Also, we thought it’d be cool.  A.J. is using a Bic lighter to do the slide guitar work.  We hope you get a chance to enjoy the beer and the music.  Check these guys out if you can as they play with the rest of their band during a Clown Shoes promotion at The Iron Monkey , October 3rd in NJ.

Josh The Revelator Double IPA will hit shelves in TX next week.

Gregg B.


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