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Lubrication Release Day

Today is Lubrication release day.  (Get ready to groan) I am pumped up about it!

Sometime today I’ll make it up to Ipswich, because I haven’t had a chance to try the finished product.

The past week was spent in Chicago.  I had a great time and my love for the city continues to grow.

Two events went down well.  One at The Firkin in Libertyville and one at Lunar Brewing in Villa Park.  Many great folks made their way to drink Clown Shoes Beer and hang out.  Thank you.  I enjoyed spending time with as many of you as possible.  Both locations represent in their own way what is so great about craft beer: independence, diversity, community, passion, and quality.

The Lubrication release party tonight will be at The Foundry on Elm in Davis Square (yet another fantastic place).  Hope to see some of you there!

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