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New York City Curb Stomp

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to hang with Geoff and Skippy from Three Heads Brewing. Skippy told me that his three year old son is trained to deliver a curb stomp. He has two other sons, ages twelve and six. The twelve year old pins the six year old to the ground, then the three year old child wades in to deliver ferocious kicks to the head.

This past week was spent working the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Pete Russell, Terry O’Boyle, Joshua Tussin, and Matthew Lefkowitz each did a fantastic job of pinning down bar owners and retail buyers . Most of them were excited to hear the story and to play in our Clown Shoes games. A few were skeptical. The attitude was best summed up by questions posed by Jimmy Carbone of Jimmy’s No. 43, when I made an appearance on his Beer Sessions Radio show. After introducing me with the assertion that he had brought someone on the show to tear apart, issues were broached.

Do my beers suck?

Am I an amateur?

Do I even like beer or am I just trying to prove something?

Why do I think Clown Shoes has a market and will survive?


Here’s the thing: Jimmy Carbone is the man.  He is one of the original New York City bar owners to embrace craft beer, working tirelessly to promote the product and to strengthen the local community.

I believe Jimmy had not yet judged me. But he had heard and read things, was skeptical, and wanted to know the answers to the tough questions that are out there about Gregg Berman and Clown Shoes Beer.

I am grateful that Jimmy gave me a platform to respond, and hope I did ok, as public speech is not my thing.

The truth of matter is that if I am going to run around like a three year old child delivering curb stomps to the craft beer community, trying to build the Clown Shoes Brand, I had better belong in the family.


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