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These days my energy waxes and wanes like an ocean with a schizophrenic tide.   The hustle continues, but I am acting out a plan most days, not writing the script.   Shortly, I am going to have to kick it into overdrive.   October and November will see me begin to distribute Three Heads and Slum Brew in Massachusetts.  If all goes according to plan, in early October Shaun Hill will send me product.   Texas, opened up last Month, is receiving a third truck load of Clown Shoes this week.    New York City is receiving a thousand cases of volume of Clown Shoes just before I spend a week in the city launching the brand, starting October 17th.   These markets will require consistent energy in 2012.  To this effect help has been enlisted, including my wife and Texas Brand Manager, Sakina Berman, my Massachusetts brand Manager, Sean Geary, and Mark Metzger, the president of my brokerage firm wine division.   Clown Shoes feet on the street in 2012 increase from 2 to 8.   Ok, on to… basketball.   Warehousing used to be spread over three locations and was a logistical nightmare.  Recently we moved to a 10,000 square foot facility in Burlington, MA.   In this facility we have a basketball net.   Each morning and some afternoons I shoot and challenge my employees, salespeople and warehouse workers alike, to play HORSE.   Why did basketball not present itself to me before?   Is it because I am 5 foot 8 inch white guy who is thick and slow?   Well, I don’t care.  Shooting a basketball is therapeutic.   So far I have developed a bank shot with spin that works from long or short distance.  I can also hit a twenty foot shot from the corners with decent regularity.   What I can’t do very well is dribble with my left hand and move to my left.  The last few days I have been dribbling more and more with my left and have tried a few lay ups from the left side.  A couple went in…  awkwardly.   Yeah.  In basketball and in life the right side is my side.  I need some good moves to the left.

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