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Road Trip

Burn out…

has been settling in.

Clown Shoes isn’t the problem. Clown Shoes has been a saving grace.

Therefore, after two and a half years with no break, I am going to shut myself down to go on a road trip.

The first stop will be Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun, where I will grind a few tournaments and low limit no limit poker games. The Main Event of The World Series of Poker is a few months away. I expect to play there wearing custom clown shoes and a silk suit with a clown shoes logo embroidered on the jacket.

Right now, I am out of practice and a little sad, so feel free to say a prayer to the poker gods for me. If I lose my roll fast, the road trip moves on to… points unknown!

Ok. After those maudlin bits above I’ll leave you now with more uplifting news.

Miracle, a 5.5% IPA that should retail around $3.99 for a bomber, will be released at the end of this month. We will use a percentage of the profits to help people.

Miracle Mike, on the label, is modeled after Mike Pettengill, one of our delivery drivers. Mike is, well, he is a miracle of a human being. He has agreed to have a costume hand designed, in which he will lead festivities at events, doing stuff like front flips off of a stage. When I asked Mike how he was going to explain to people why is on the label he said, “What do you mean? I’ll tell them because I‘m fucking awesome.”

Brash Brewing Company, the brain child of Petrol Station’s Ben Fullelove, will start working with me and the guys at Mercury as soon as April. The first beer will be a collaboration. Ben will make a double batch of a rich Belgian brown and we will make a double batch of a ten percent version of Brown Angel. The two beers will be blended to make Pimp, a double, double brown ale.

Later this year a full line up of Brash Brewing beers will be released, here and in Texas, as well as in other select markets.


Gregg B.


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