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What is it with me?

No matter how good things are, I want them to be better.  I notice flaws, oversights, failures, and a knot forms in my stomach.

Perspective.  For me, that’s a tough one.  I don’t really have any perspective.

That phenomenal luck has graced me in the form of Clown Shoes is clear.  My gratitude in that regard is deep and genuine. But overall, I’m emotionally lost.  If this kind of success keeps coming, am I prepared for it ? Yeah, I know, if you have to ask…

Satisfaction.  How do I feel satisfied?  And if I do feel satisfied, what do I do with that emotion?  Will it make me ineffective?

Dreams, anxieties, lack of satisfaction, and hard work are all fuel feeding the machinery that has become Clown Shoes Beer.

To state a point again that I have made many times: Clown Shoes needs each one of us involved to remain on the hustle.

Things are changing fast, and they will keep changing fast.

At some point, maybe, I will learn to feel satisfied, maybe….

I’ve got years of work to do first


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