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State of The Shoenion 10

Three years in with Clown Shoes and I still look around in wonderment

Since the last update, beer has started shipping to Connecticut, Minnesota,and Alabama. Most recently we entered Wisconsin (a second order was loaded onto an eighteen wheeler last week, driving to The Badger State ).

Each new market has exceeded expectations.

California and Colorado will be next, open sometime later this year or early in 2013. For Colorado we are working on logistics and licensing. For California we are analyzing distribution opportunities.

Two new beers recently hit the shelves.

Genghis Pecan Pie Porter reworks the original Pecan Pie Porter. The organic butter pecan extract we used, for me, overpowered the nose and made the beer taste oddly off and artificial, even though the product was all natural. This year we are using fresh pecans, roasted and ground locally (by our friends at The Gallows and Q’s Nuts), as well as the addition of brown sugar. There will be three batches made, with the second batch near completion.

Porcine Unidragon is a 100% bourbon barrel aged version of Blaecorn Unidragon, where we use beechwood smoked malt instead of the peated scotch malt. The beechwood naturally imparts bacon flavor. We wanted to call the beer Bacon Unidragon, but the federal government denied us as the beer is swine free. A pig was allowed on the label, however, which is ironic. With Chocolate Sombrero they let us keep the name despite there being no chocolate in the beer, but had us remove a chocolate candy bar and a belt that said I heart Cocoa from the label. So, pretty much, the complete opposite outcome.

A few months back we thought we would have cans by now, but that opportunity has become unlikely. Instead we are going to make Hoppy feet, Clementine, and Miracle as six pack bottles. Hoppy Feet and Miracle will no longer be available as bombers when we do this, but Hoppy Feet 1.5 will become a year round beer. The timing for this: sometime early in 2013.

Our Third anniversary beer is Luchador En Fuego, a 100% bourbon barrel aged version of Chocolate Sombrero that we up sized to 11% and added more ancho chile, more cinnamon, and chipotle pepper. The release will be mid to late December.

Date Night, A Saison with rose, is being test batched for Valentine’s day. Experiments have begun using rose hips, rose water, rose petals, and rose extract to see how best to add the flavor of roses.

Ok… basically: the grind is on! We are working harder than ever to make good beer and to grow in a competitive craft beer market.

As always, I wish to extend gratitude from Clown Shoes Beer to our supporters, our friends, and to the invaluable feet on the street who rep the brand. Thank you!


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