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State of The Shoenion Five

What a week.

I was gonna take a break, tune out, try not to work or even look at the internet (no tiny violins are playing here, trust me, just laying down the scenery).

While driving to the cape to spend a few days with friends the text messages, e-mails, and phone calls started spilling in regarding a post on Beer Advocate by Candice Alstrom, titled, “Done with Clownshoes.”

As most of you know, she took offense at our newest label, as she has in the past, this time seeing a hidden dong in the Lubrication artwork.  A shit storm ensued in which the topic shifted pretty quickly to why Candice, a BA forum moderator and Director of Special Events, chose to call us out, when she failed to call out any other labels or breweries with similar content (the personal grudge theory appears to be correct, though I have never even met her).

The general outcome is Clown Shoes received a tremendous amount of publicity and gained many new customers and fans.  In some ways this attention was unwanted.  We are selling all the beer we can make right now without the added exposure.  The exposure came from negativity and while so far we have benefited, the potential for more negativity to land on us is real.

Candice scoffed at our statement on TV that we care more about quality than the marketing.  Regardless, the statement is resoundingly true.  The intensity of the Clown Shoes marketing is a direct result of my desire to keep this brand alive, because I love craft beer and burn to be a long term contributor to the industry.

We are going to be making two new beers in the next month that we are extraordinarily enthusiastic about.

Muffin Top will be a Tripel IPA, built on the chassis of Tramp Stamp.  The malt profile is less heavy than Tramp, but the ABV climbs to 10%, adding all sorts of candied sweetness.  Muffin Top will be made two weeks from now, bottled in about five.

Blaecorn Unidragon will be a hoppy Russian Imperial Stout.  The test batch we just made came in at 12.6% ABV.  The first batch was too much like a black IPA, so on this one we lowered the hops, raised the ABV, and used the addition of Maris Otter malt.  Blaecorn will be made as soon as a tank is free, bottled in August and released somewhere in the fall.

Clown Shoes is now actively seeking collaborations with great breweries around the country and the globe.  Contact us if you want to work on a brew!

In Summation, Clown Shoes is Clown Shoes, we’ve never claimed it any different, cuz man, that would be blatant hypocrisy. I am a quirky dude with an odd sense of humor. The brand has become an extension of my personality.  It is intentionally edgy and polarizing, sure it is, but that doesn’t make it fake.

Clown Shoes has been, is, and will be Clown Shoes.

Finally, a massive thank you goes out to all of our supporters.  You people have been absolutely amazing. Our gratitude runs deep.

Gregg B.

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