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State of The Shoenion Six

Sales continue to be strong.

Sean Geary and the Arborway sales staff keep ripping it up locally.

Nationally, most markets are ordering on a monthly basis.

Our goal is to release two new beers before the end of the year.

Supa Hero will be an IPA in the 8%ABV neighborhood. We are playing with test batches right now, but the tricky part is determining hops, as the hop shortage is effecting us. I may choose to make this beer with different hop blends for a while for convenience, fun, and to learn.

Cocoa Powder will be another big stout that will be built on the malt base of Blaecorn Unidragon. The hops will be lowered and no dry hopping will occur. We will add premium cocoa powder and brew at a higher temperature to achieve more body and sweetness than we were going for in Blaecorn.

The thought, two years ago, was that we would make all of our beers on a seasonal schedule. Expansion and demand has not allowed us to do so with any of the brews except for Pecan Pie Porter. Now that we have ten beers and more on the way Clown Shoes will be forced, in 2012, to relegate a handful of products to seasonal status. At this point the beers I am certain we will make year round are Clementine, Tramp Stamp, and Hoppy Feet.

We want to go from 10 beers to 20 or so by the end of 2012. The idea is to keep making new and interesting beer… for as long as we are around.

Ok, here is a random human element I should keep to myself: I’m tired. But continuously jump on stages like I know what I’m doing (New York City October 17th, kids!). In reality, I remind myself of Petey from American Pie:


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