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Steal My Biscuits

The airport in Richmond, VA had a little food stand where I got a breakfast biscuit. It sucked. The egg was microwaved, the cheese processed, and the biscuit was soggy. It was so bad it got me to thinking about how good a good biscuit can be. Biscuits have been on my brain since. Here’s what I’ve

determined: biscuits are an under utilized piece of the American culinary landscape.

A well executed restaurant named Biscuits, in the right neighborhood, with an entirely biscuit themed menu, would thrive. Imagine Iron Chef Biscuits.



Red leaf salad, feta, coconut vinaigrette, roasted pecans, rosemary biscuit croutons

French onion soup, gruyere, black pepper biscuit crouton

Trio of biscuit sliders, pulled pork, pulled chicken, cheeseburger

Choice of rosemary, black pepper, serrano pepper, or butter milk biscuit with duck gravy, fried pickles, and cheese curds

Main Courses

Cheeseburger, fried pickles, house ketchup, on choice of biscuit

Pulled chicken or pork, mango slaw, choice of biscuit

Duck confit, duck gravy, fried pickles, lotus root, choice of biscuit

Texas brisket, aged cheddar, hot pepper relish, choice of biscuit

Braised beef short ribs, garlic mash, Korean chili sauce, choice of biscuit


Chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered biscuit bits

Biscuit, whipped Cream, fruit of the day


Someone, take this idea.  If I had the time, money, or any restaurant experience the temptation would be to do this on my own, but right now, you people are my only hope. Please,  just do it well and serve some great beer to wash down all of that buttery goodness.

Steal my biscuits!


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