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Things Not Forgotten

  1. The Clown Shoes Olympics.  Planning for this is about to go into overdrive, as I want to do this event before it gets cold.  Hey, Matt Gamble, you are officially now responisble for making this happen.
  2. Lubrication.  The artwork is almost done.  The beer will be either an American Black Ale or a Belgian-Style Black Ale, depending on which of the test batches we like more.  The first release will be in six weeks in bombers, then shortly after in four packs.
  3. Blaecorn Unidragon Russian Imperial Stout.  We are almost there with the recipe.  I want to do one more test batch to add a little sweetness, possibly by adding maris otter malt.  The beer will be made in June or July and released in October.  Stacey George has already completed the artwork:ClownShoes_Unidragon

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