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Third Party Candidate

Geoff Dale,The Minister of Mayhem from Three Heads Beer, hung out with me in Chicago for the last few days. He left this morning on a ten hour haul behind the wheel of the Mayhem Mobile, driving back to the family waiting in Rochester, NY.

Hopefully he is there already.

I am staying on a few more days, visiting accounts with reps on Monday and Tuesday, then doing a tasting at Acre on Tuesday evening.

The time Geoff and I spent together was productive ( as well as goofy and fun), working two events that included a festival of many amazements and much drunkenness held at Durty Nellies in Palatine, getting impossibly lost in the Mayhem Mobile while heading to Stoller for a meeting with an assembled sales staff of sixty, going to a Cubs game that the home team won accompanied by a crew from Stoller Wholesale and Binny’s, and…

While at the game we discussed making a collaborative beer between Three Heads Brewing and Clown Shoes Beer, to be released during the heat of this year’s presidential campaign: Third Party Candidate.

Because we feel America needs a better option, Geoff also agreed to run for President.

Yes, Geoff Dale should be President of The United States of America.

This would make me sleep better, and I find it hilarious, so please, write in Geoff Dale on the 2012 Ballot!

What should our party be called? We were thinking of the D-Bag Party, meant in a self-deprecating way, but it is probably not a good idea.

For the beer, we discussed a Marzen made with freeze dried pumpkin and pumpkin spice, but are open to suggestions.

We welcome ideas for the above questions and for our Campaign in the comments section.

Here’s a photo of the The Man, The Minister, The Mayham Master, our future President:


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