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Tom Hanks and Flight of The Pimp

My wife, Sakina, created the Clown Shoes Minor Miracle Fund this week, as we have begun shipping Miracle IPA.

We will be giving scholarships to college seniors (over 21) and are working with the Animal Rescue League of Boston to help place dogs, starting with an adorable puppy named Tom Hanks. Take him home, and Clown Shoes will pay the adoption fee.

Ben Fullelove came in for a whirlwind visit this past weekend. Ben owns Petrol Station in Houston and is working with me to start his beer brand, Brash Brewing, at Mercury. We tasted a test batch of his 12% IPA, The Bollocks, which was intensely hoppy and scary in terms of how easy it drank. Ben had four glasses, which made our visit to Lone Star and Deep Ellum later on pretty tame. He nursed a Smuttynose IPA for three hours and ate one third of a taco. Ha!

We also tried tests batches of the two brown ales that will comprise Pimp, the collaboration between Clown Shoes and Brash that we are making next month. Ben’s 10% Belgian Brown was toasty, balanced by layers of deep cocoa sweetness, which he wants to tone down by adding some priming sugar when we start the beer. There was also too much banana in Ben’s opinion, which we will negate by lowering the brew temp. The upsize of Brown Angel needed more hops, we think, but was dense and delicious. The blend of the two, however, was… PIMP!

Four Knob Creek Bourbon barrels were recently filled with Blaecorn Unidragon. Two of these will be blended with Pimp, one part Bourbon Blaecorn to two parts Pimp. This will make about 150 cases of our first limited release beer: The Flight of The Pimp. The Richard Bailey label will have a Pimp riding a Blaecorn Unidragon.

Here’s Richard’s artwork for The Bollocks:


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