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Supa Hero and Vampire Slayer

Supa Hero IPA will be bottled next Thursday and will start shipping the day after.

Vampire Slayer will be made on Monday.  Discount Catholic Products sent me a container of holy water and a kit with more holy water as well as holy oil, holy soil, and holy incense.  Priest or no priest, rituals will be performed.

Other beers in the works for next year are:

Cocoa Powder- Imperial Chocolate Stout.

LMPG- Let My People Go Pale Ale- Pale Ale, hopefully made with freeze dried pineapple (depends how the test batches come out). Will have Moses wearing Clown Shoes while parting the waters on the label.

The Barista Breakfast Brown- 10% ABV brown with cold water extracted coffee from our friends at Barismo.

The Billionaire- this will be a big barleywine with some English and some American elements.

Overall, 2011 has been an amazing year.  My gratitude is hard to voice.

I just want to keep my head on my shoulders and keep pushing forward.

Thank you to everyone that has helped make Clown Shoes Beer into more than a joke.

Gregg B.

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