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Unexpected Good News ? Always The Best!

When I wrote a blog on Monday, it was without hope of quick resolution.

Surprisingly, the owners and management of Quality Wine & Spirits took to heart our plight and have worked with us aggressively this week to resolve the conflict. We no longer have any hard feelings toward Quality and ask that our customers follow suit. They are real people over there. They had other real problems to deal with that were unavoidable over the last two weeks, but once they understood how much this was hurting us it became a top priority to help us find a new home. They have now done so in a reasonable and decent manner.

Thank you very much to the whole team at Quality Wine and Spirits.

General Wholesale will be distributing Clown Shoes Beer as soon as we can complete the licensing work, with product planned to ship later this month. This isn’t a one hundred percent certainty, but I’d say we are at the 1 yard line and about to break into the end zone, in terms of having a finalized agreement.

General Wholesale is a large beer wholesaler (they sell Heineken, Corona, etc.) that has been making strides in developing a craft portfolio, as well as a team to promote craft beer.

The team at General (and yeah this may sound corny) was like the cavalry arriving during a dark hour. They not only have managed to keep all parties whole in this transaction, they have also laid out a road map to develop our brand that we find reasonable. We are growing. They are growing , and more importantly they are improving. Everyone is willing to be flexible and all of us know business needs to be earned, not taken for granted.

Georgia, we love you and, quite unexpectedly, it appears we will be shipping beer to you again as early as next week.

To all who have offered their support and assistance this week, we want you to know that at Clown Shoes we could not be more grateful.


Gregg Berman

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